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2019 IASB Convention Sessions
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Times and activities are subject to change.  All the activities (unless otherwise indicated) are included in the conference registration fee; however, activities with an asterisk (*) require pre-registration.


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Thursday, April 4


The Science of High Performing Speaker Agents and Bureaus

There are two simple yet critical questions you need to answer if you are going to be successful in the bureau business: How do I sell more? How do I help my people to sell more?


This master class will be the culmination of research conducted within the bureau industry itself focusing on two key parts: 1) what do top speaker agents do differently to sell more? And, 2) how can you lead your sales team – select, hire, retain and engage - so that there is a higher probability they can be high performers?


Part 1:  What differentiates highly effective speaker agents?

We know that sales people are the lifeblood of running a successful bureau business. But what makes some speaker agents more effective than others? In this interactive session, we will explore:

  • What are the key differentiators of the top 10% performing sales people in the bureau industry?
    We will study sales people from within the bureau industry to better understand the characteristics of the top 10% performers. Why do some rise to the top and sell more? What is unique and different about how they sell?
  • What is the alpha you get when you hire and select for these characteristics?
    In other words, what financial difference does it make when you successfully hire a top 10% sales person? As part of our study, we will analyze the financial impact of a top 10% sales person in the bureau industry.\
  • How can you put these insights and habits into practice to sell more?
    This will be your opportunity to take specific learning from some of the best in the industry to improve your selling game.

Part 2:  Leadership: What does it mean to lead a team to sell more?

  • How do you select, hire, retain and engage your team to be more productive?
    What can you do to help your people be their best? This will be delivered as both a didactic presentation of key findings as well as a moderated panel of experienced sales leaders from the industry.
  • Best practice hiring guide:
    From the research we conduct, we will prepare and present you with a best practice hiring guide, complete with a specific step by step approach to select and hire your next sales person. This will include specific questions you can use to hire your next sales person.
  • How do you manage yourself as a leader?
    At the end of the day, what engages and moves people more than anything else is how you show up. People don’t leave bureaus, of course, people leave people. In this session, we will explore how you can show up more consistently at your best.  

As part of this program, you will get an opportunity to assess yourself and receive a personalized feedback report to better understand how you show up and impact others.


Presented by:  Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry (click here to learn more about JP)



Orientation for First Time Attendees

If this is your first IASB Convention or you just want to find out more about IASB, please join us for a brief orientation including tips on how to maximize your time at convention and get connected to beneficial resources and contacts. 


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Friday, April 5


Opening Plenary
An Astronaut’s Guide to Leadership


Commanding a spaceship takes superb leadership. The vehicle is complex and isolated, the team is international, and the stakes are the very highest – life or death.  Very few humans and only one Canadian have ever held that command – Colonel Chris Hadfield. Through a lifetime of service and three spaceflights, Chris has developed and honed leadership theories and practices that have taken him to the very top. In his talk, Chris illustrates fundamental ideas with original insights, including examples from his own experiences as NASA’s Director of Operations in Russia, being blinded during a spacewalk, and dealing with a critical Space Station emergency. Chris has been a mentor in Crew Resource Management as well as global astronaut/groundcrew team development. He is a Masterclass teacher and three-time internationally best-selling author.  An immensely experienced instructor, speaker and Commander, Chris will help your team see, learn and remember how to lead more effectively.


Presented by:  Colonel Chris Hadfield (click here to learn more about Chris)






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Concurrent Sessions

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Best Practice Sessions


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Saturday, April 6

Networking Breakfast:

Experience a light breakfast and interesting conversations during this informal round-table session. Bring your personal device or a pen and paper to capture ideas you can bring back to explore more. 

Opening Plenary
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Concurrent Sessions


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Closing Plenary
The Real W.O.W. Factor

Concert pianist Jade Simmons went from being an accidental speaker during her classical music concerts to a sought-after secret weapon to the world’s most superlative brands. The key shift? Building an inimitable, intentional brand and being featured on multiple distinguished bureau rosters. Known as a communications chameleon, Jade transcends audience demographics and speaks on a diverse variety of topics authoritatively and passionately from corporate audiences, to college commencements, from ministry to marketplace, and prestigious leadership events from Houston, to Chile, to Geneva.  A believer in truly customized experiences, Jade will be premiering a new transformational, Main Stage experience at IASB, a stunning musical keynote entitled The Real W.O.W Factor.  The presentation doubles as inspiration catered to empower those in the bureau industry as well as a world-class display of audience engagement and what Jade believes is the future of professional speaking. 


Attendees will leave knowing the key ingredients of a W.O.W Experience:

  • Worth: Learn how experience creators can present R.O.I for audience members in the first few minutes of a presentation
  • Originality: Learn how to buck conformity and lead with your most unique aspects 
  • Wonder: Learn how to create aspirational moments by intentionally delivering unexpected experiences.

Presented by:  Jade Simmons (click here to learn more about Jade)


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